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arachne ([personal profile] arachne) wrote2012-02-10 10:52 pm

In the words of the Squiddy one

This is Valentinr - it's meant to be a way of sending lovely love messages to people that you fancy. But I think that what we should all do instead is use the 'signed message' option to tell our friends why they are awesome. That way we all get to wake up on the 14th to lots of messages from amazing people reminding us that we are also amazing. Like they said in Bugsy Malone, "you give a little love and it all comes back to you (la la la lalalala)." Here's mine. Set you own up, copy this message (or a version of it onto a post to explain) and I'll send you a message too. :)

My Valentinr - arachne
Get your own valentinr

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I made it to dreamwidth :)