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arachne ([personal profile] arachne) wrote2011-09-01 12:24 am

I'm doing science and I'm still alive

(without the science, but y'know)

This is a placeholder post to let y'all know that I am still alive and generally having a fucking awesome time.

Also, I just haven't had much of a chance in far longer than I'd like to catch up with what's been going on in your lives, for the most-part. I am not a fan of this, and when Summer Of Madness comes to an end I'm really looking forward to catching up with you all :)

Stay awesome, all of you.

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Hooray for fucking awesome times!

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Yay for awesome!

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Yay! And it was excellent to see you last Friday at D&K's:)
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[personal profile] delta_mike 2011-09-01 11:13 am (UTC)(link)
Cool! See you inna field in a week or so.

(Thursday is my orbit-competion-day. Hopefully catch you when you're not working. :)